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Time to Ditch Apple Inc. iPhone and Go Back to BlackBerry Ltd. (and Buy the Stock too)

by James West

It’s been a really swell party, with me and my 3 generations of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhones. But it’s time to go back to the grown-ups world of BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSE:BB). After 4 years with an iPhone, there’s one key reality that has dawned on me daily for just about the last year: If you want a toy, buy an iPhone. But if you want a tool, you need BlackBerry.

I first ventured into iPhone land after my BlackBerry tumbled out of my pocked and into a sewer as I was tumbling into a cab after a raucous night in downtown Toronto. At the time, I was particularly open to the idea because I was in a new relationship with my Macbook Pro, which, after 20 years as a Microsoft drone was like waking up out of a coma. Apple, at the time, was making all the right moves under Steve Jobs, and BlackBerry was just embarking on a downward spiral which has only recently reversed course.

Apple vs. BlackBerry

Apple does some things very well. The interconnectivity and syncronicity of accounts across imap and PoP iterations across multiple devices still has to be the one aspect of Apple devices and software that I appreciate the most. Things like intuitively finding the right network, detecting bluetooth and now texting to other iCloud users on devices other than the iPhone are all positives.

But things like contacts and calendars seem to be a perennial thorn in Apple’s side. For example, not being able to just dump contacts to a csv or txt file is a source of continuous wonderment for me. Why try to force me into your shoebox if I don’t want to be in your shoebox?

Now don’t get me wrong. BlackBerry will have its fair share of device-specific deviations to frustrate and annoy, I’m sure. But I’m thinking they will be minuscule in comparison to what I’ve been enduring with Apple for the last 4 years.

The main catalyst in the return to BlackBerry is the keyboard. Four years of trying to master the touchless keypad has taught me an irrefutable truth: touchless keypads suck. At least for someone like me, whose hands are generally larger than the average.(but not my feet…what’s up with that??).

At any rate, I’ve literally started dreaming of the glorious quick-paced downtown lemming race, where on crowded sidewalks and with satchel dangling from one hand I could easily publish one-handed text messages to colleagues, multi-tasking effectively across transportation and communication with every step.

If you’ve ever tried to do that with an iPhone, it will be a miracle if the result is intelligible. More likely it will say something like ‘sorry running llama…be there in finicky’. Useless.

Plus, if I have to do one more iOS update, I’m going to throw my phone against the wall.

There are other aspects of the iPhone which experience has taught me render it less suitable for business and more suitable to juvenile pursuits. Facebook is a juvenile pursuit, Twitter is an important tool that drives traffic to my web site.

One might consider one’s music collection more of a ‘juvenile pursuit’, but I can assure you, as a writer, the ability to block out the surrounding cacophony in crowded places makes reliable access to thinking music an absolute pre-requisite in many cases. And that’s one area where iPhone, and in fact, all Apple devices have fallen down for years, and seem to be able to find fresh depths of stupidity when it comes to the architecture of that notorious destroyer of musical libraries – iTunes. iTunes, and its accomplices Match and Genius, have collectively wiped out nearly all of my 90’s and early 00’s obscure playlists of old Pete Tong and Sasha and the other now-impossible-to-buy recordings.

While I appreciate the information technology industry’s persistent delusion that somehow forcing users into proprietary management software for everything different file type is somehow smart business, BlackBerry’s ability to just store mp3’s as mp3’s in simple file architectures is one of those long-missed simplicities about BlackBerry that I’m excited to re-experience. My iPhone is such a complete waste of time when it comes to music that I never use it to store songs anymore, and will only stream audio from online radio stations when convenient.

I’m Not the Only One Abandoning Apple

Let’s face it. Since the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple is looking increasingly like a ship adrift. Yes, sales continue to be strong, and the iPad is indeed the greatest thing since sliced bread, but apart from that, the strategy as it pertains to business use can only be categorized as random.

It’s as if Apple wants to attract an adult business crowd, but insists that if you dine with Apple you must sit at the kid’s table. Sounds like fun for one meal, maybe. But every meal? No thanks.

Even the U.S. Military has reversed direction on what initially appeared to be their intention to support Apple devices.

According to an article at Nextgov.com:

“A Pentagon system intended to secure a mix of brand name smartphones for warfighters will primarily support BlackBerrys when the tool starts launching later this month, according to Defense Department officials.

About 80,000 BlackBerrys and 1,800 Defense-owned Apple and Android-based phones and tablets will begin being hooked up to the new management system on Jan. 31, officials announced on Friday.”

Is BlackBerry Stock Finally a ‘Buy’?

This all leads to the question, is BalckBerry now a ‘buy’? It certainly is according to some people. In an interview with Damian Wojcichowsky, senior technology analyst with Jacob Securities in Toronto, the case was made that new BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s turnaround strategy was indeed just that.

Midas-Letter-financial-radio-podcast-thumb[four_fifth_last padding=”0 0 0 20px”]
Listen to the interview with Jacob Securities Technology Analyst Damian Wojcichowsky discussing BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s turnaround strategy:


According to Wojcichowsky, “I mentioned that the bears focus in on the hardware business and whether or not they’re going to resume selling devices. I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. I think you want to look at where QNX is selling through – we heard the Ford announcement that they’re ripping out Microsoft and using QNX in their automobiles. That announcement on its own put Blackberry through QNX into something like 70% of the automobiles that are being sold out there. Those are good numbers. Those are things that I don’t think are being reflected in the stock price at this point.”

BlackBerry stock is up 56% since touching a low of $7.82 back in April 2014. While the company is not out of the woods yet, it certainly looks like the strategy to focus on business users is having the desired effect. It’s certainly working on me.

  • B J July 9, 2014

    Yes! Excellent! Take the mask off of Apple. as a serious “business tool”. Nothing could be worse in terms of security ruggedness reliability and battery power… and communication – email notifications etc.
    Blackberry 10 was designed for multitasking business, and now with running 98 percent of android apps (securely sandboxed) there is no reason whatsoever to go android but a LOT to go Blackberry.

  • !magine July 9, 2014

    Q10 Passport and Z50 sound to be right up this guy’s alley should he allow himself the time to learn the OS.

    • ATInsider July 20, 2014

      Oh can’t wait for the Z50 power house. The Passport is the most innovative smart phone ever created to date.

  • Whocares July 9, 2014

    Where is BB standing now in this segment? Damn, big companies are dumping BB for iPhone and android phones. You must be out of your mind to think BB is still up there. Wake up. It will end up like Motorola in…oblivion.

    • DEVVVV July 9, 2014

      the guy who wrote this story has BB shares I think.

      • MidasLetter.com July 9, 2014

        No actually I don’t. If I did, it would be disclosed.

      • LessThanCrazyDevvv July 9, 2014

        You are a complete idiot and joke Devvv. Trolling every Blackberry article online and bashing and making no sense. Get a life

      • LP July 9, 2014

        DEVVVV go home… you’re drunk (permanently!)

      • guest July 9, 2014

        I AM THE ANTI-DEVVVV. You get me in a vendetta kind of mood, you tell the angels in heaven you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who pwned you.

      • me1 July 10, 2014

        Hey look it is…..The Troll who calls himself Devvvv….

    • itzjustmeh July 10, 2014

      Trolling BlackBerry is so last year..

    • wvobiwan July 12, 2014

      Behind the times. Big companies can’t take the constant and massive security breaches brought on by iPwn and Androot.

  • Christophe Piquemal July 9, 2014

    Author, you’re right 😉

    I never used something smoother and efficient as a BB10 phone. My first BB was a Z10, and now a Z30; and I really think I’ll never go back to iPhones or Droid crap.

    And Passport is coming soon now 🙂

  • LP July 9, 2014

    I would never trade My Z30 for any other phone in the market… I just LOVE IT!!

  • sunHammer July 9, 2014

    Same sentiments here. After years of being an iPhone user, I’m back to Black with a Z30 – despite it also being a touch-screen, I can type *perfectly* and effortlessly with little to no mistakes, whereas everyday for the past 4 years it would be a struggle on my iPhone to pound out a perfectly-spelled sentence.

    I have no regrets, the BB10 OS is wonderful and fast; transferring music is simple, no iTunes nightmare; I have a constant VPN-connection to my home PC so I can stream any video or music or edit any document on my computer (this is built-in to BB10!)…. and the easy 20+ hours of battery life I get out of this despite using it constantly, which is twice the battery power I’d have on my iphone. I also get phone signal where no iPhone user can get it – inside elevators, underground, and in remote rural areas.

    * I am still long AAPL

    • Mary February 26, 2016

      I switched to an iPhone 7 months ago and finally had enough of it and went back to Blackberry this week. I bought a Leap and it is, without a doubt, like being re-united with an old friend. I absolutely despised my iPhone 5c – from the incompetence of the autocorrect to the laborious task of transferring music to the awkwardness of messaging – BB10 has it beat, hands down. My new Leap is a sturdy and substantial partner. I’m not a big app user or a gamer, so the “toy” that iPhone is just isn’t for me. My first smartphone was a BB Curve and I upgraded to the Z10 after that and wish I’d never “followed the crowd” and got the iPhone, but, if nothing else, it only reiterated the fact that Blackberry is still outstanding in it’s field. I’ll guard my Leap with my life! Having said all this, I do have an iPad which I like, but for a mobile device I’m “back to Black” all the way 🙂

  • bob July 9, 2014

    Is this article for real? I just clicked on it for a laugh.

    • John Peters July 10, 2014

      Everything the author said is 100% spot on.

  • Majipoor July 9, 2014

    I guess you are trying to be the next Macalope victim. For sure you are a strong contender.

  • Bill Chalmers July 9, 2014

    Q10 here. Wasn’t sure if I would like it but wow. The thing is amazing. GIve yourself two weeks to figure out the OS and you will never look back. Its different, but in a good way. Once you are on to it it is amazing. Wife has the latest and greatest samsung and its like a fisher price toy compared to the BB.

    Business emails get pounded out in seconds. Web browser is the fastest I have ever seen on a mobile device.

    Itunes is the definition of walled garden. Except its not a garden. Its a nuclear waste dumping ground. How people keep buying apple products is beyond me.

    Have some classic essential mixes on the BB myself…..no way Im going to let Itunes call Grooverider “blues rock”

    Go Blackberry and let the kids have the fisher price phones.

  • Tomislav Dragos July 9, 2014

    New BlackBerry (RIM)management deserves respect. It is nice to see that is BB growing to be strong again.

  • WalterB July 9, 2014

    Wow, really great article! Obviously I’m a blackberry 10 fan also. I disagree on the keyboard part, my Z30 is a great keyboard on! I will also agree that the blackberry 10 phones blow apple phones away for functionality.

  • McBob July 10, 2014

    Great to see the Blackberry users of the world are out in force defending their once proud phones.

    All 15 of them.

    • Frank July 10, 2014

      Whaddya mean McBob, there are 16 of us 🙂 BlackBerry Z30 is the best work phone I have used.

      • Almost Sober July 10, 2014

        17 now. The straightforward simplicity of BB10 has me hooked. I now own two. A Z10 as my daily driver and a Q5 on the go when I need something a bit less smashable. My office is a mix of devices and I’m the only one in it that doesn’t want to smash my phone on a daily basis.

        I’m of the opinion that most BB10 bashers on the internet are bashing to stay with the trend and have never even touched a new BlackBerry. To all of you who continue to bash without actual experience with the device, you have no idea what you’re missing.

        • சாதிக் July 10, 2014

          18th here. And another 85m queued behind.

          • Guest July 17, 2014

            #19 here!

    • me1 July 10, 2014

      McBob / iSheep I assume….you clearly can’t count and can’t read share prices…….not defending for defending sake but basing it all on fact and user experience.

    • wvobiwan July 12, 2014

      Enterprise users seem to like the fact that their BlackBerry phones can’t be jailbroken, rooted, hacked, or spied upon.

    • Naegi July 17, 2014

      make them 19

  • Sixtyseven July 10, 2014

    Blackberry phones Work Horses. Finally you will see more and more people coming back to Blackberry. Welcome back my friend and also buy some shares as well it going to go much much higher.

    • FS July 11, 2014

      Well, before my BlackBerry Z30, I had an iPhone. Hmm, I had used it for a while and I was in the stone age again 🙂 I love the new BlackBerry 10 OS, it’s easy and very fast to handle.

  • wingsy July 10, 2014

    Hands down, this is the funniest article I’ve seen all week.

    • John Peters July 10, 2014

      You’re obviously stuck in the iBubble. Everything the author said is absolutely valid.

      • 3ricss0n July 10, 2014

        who knows wingsy could probably be in that erroneous “android is secure” bubble

    • southerndinner July 12, 2014

      No kidding. BB!9 is trash

      • wvobiwan July 12, 2014

        BlackBerry skipped from OS7 to BB10. Get some facts first?

  • xBURK July 10, 2014

    Wow, finally the truth comes out. Nice article.

  • சாதிக் July 10, 2014

    Two years ago, BlackBerry phones were limited to under-4 inch market segment. Now, new models are available in over-5 inch segment.
    But, Apple’s creative juice has dried up since iPhone 4 launch.

    Qwerty is only a part of the BlackBerry user experience. The OS is the real story.

  • harkonnenesque July 12, 2014

    This article is ridiculous. No amount of biased “journalism” from a bunch of hacks will save it.

  • southerndinner July 12, 2014

    BB is garbage

  • wvobiwan July 12, 2014

    BlackBerry’s new devices are still the best business phones on the market, they are indeed business tools, not consumer toys. But BlackBerry’s biggest business asset is their BES server, by far. Blows away all others.

  • Millan Jankovic July 14, 2014

    A friend had to delete all her music on her iphone to make room for pictures. She came over and didnt have music to go out for a run and im like “you can just take music from my computer” then she told me that she couldnt and it reminded me of how much I hate itunes

  • M.A July 17, 2014

    I super agree! ” If you want a toy, buy an iPhone. But if you want a tool, you need BlackBerry”

  • Bob Cole July 17, 2014

    I’m not always thrilled with my iphone but I bought a playbook and it’s horrible. You need decent apps to make mobile work and I have no confidence apps will work on the bb phones any better than they did on the playbook. Although playbook did not get os10 but still. I have no faith it’s any better until I see someone using one, which I haven’t.

    • Onlyfacts July 17, 2014

      Are you aware the OS 10 can run about 85% of the current android apps? Things are only getting better. Get a Z30….promise you you’ll never go back to whatever you’re using now.

      • bob cole August 3, 2014

        AT&T won’t carry the Z30 or I would probably get one. Maybe I ‘ll wait for the square phone.

  • Peter John July 17, 2014

    Me A Die hard Blackberry Fan. From Curve 8520, Upgraded to Bold 9900 and Now to a Z10. Many of the people used to mock when i owned a BB, the Iphone and Droid users. Now With Blackberry Z10, one of the powerful OS on mobile phone that comes handy by supporting APK/Andriod apps, smashed iphone and many android users. Finally. Owning a Blackberry make a value to people , rather than having a phone 5S or a Mack Air book.

  • Arek Iksinski July 17, 2014

    I bought Z10 in May. I am using iPhone 4S (as a company phone). Previously (for private use) I used Sony Xperia SP with crap called Android. Z10 is amazing. iPhone and Android phones are toys. Z10 is a tool that really helps you on daily basis. I am not going to get back to Android.

  • Mitch Kehn July 17, 2014

    I’ve been using a Z10 for a little over a year. My partner has an iPhone and everything is faster on the Z10 and with faster with one hand use. It’s the ergonomics of BB10 that makes 100 little things less tedious.

  • green_ember July 17, 2014

    I had a Z10 and got rid of it…. as soon as the Z30 came out! Every new OS update makes this phone better and better. The virtual keyboard is fantastic, the reception of the Paratek antenna is superb, the sound from the speakers is quite loud and very clear. The ease of installing the very few Android apps I wanted was surprising. All I had to do was download the Amazon app store using my browser and voila! The browser by the way is very fast, scoring some of the highest mobile scores on HTML5test and Ringmark. The reader mode of the browser is great too. Most importantly of all though is the UI is brutally efficient once you learn it and the messaging experience of the Hub can’t be topped. People that say the OS is not intuitive have mistaken their definition of intuitive with a term we call learning curve. It’s steep, but it’s sooooooo worth it!

  • Padam July 17, 2014

    Blackberry 10.2 OS and hub is so much convenient for messaging and also offers most of the apps what other platforms has, I used iphone 5, Nexus 5 and Samsung Note2 and definitely liking the Blackberry. One has to try Blackberry 10 smartphones and than there is no going back.

  • Nilesh Kishore Shirke July 18, 2014

    There is simply no Point in Fights ..

    Apple is More about Music than Mails..
    while Blackberry has more about Corporate level Calender, Mails, Organisation than Music/videos .. !!!

    Blackberry Over I phone any day .. unless i am old and i just want to listen to songs whole day long, but baa.. a cd player or tv will do just fine.. in entertainment.

    Now a days people are moving to a Proper communication device and fine tuned accessories rather than a Music, entertainment device.. Android supplies all games needs, PC/Xbox/PS3 supplies the heavy gamer needs and apple stays somewhat between.. and the Status factor is all diminished in APPLE already.. I believe Blackberry will soon be a leading champion in this race..

  • ATInsider July 20, 2014

    BlackBerry 10 represents the future of mobility. Android and iOS don’t have the capabilities to compete with it technologically. BB10 is not only a productivity work horse, it’s elegant, intuitive, smooth flowing, secure, easy to use and intelligent.

    All Apple and Samsung via Android have is market share and mass colourful propaganda style marketing. BlackBerry needs smart strategic marketing. Once people try BB10 for a fair amount of time, and understand the OS, going back to either iOS and/or Android “WILL” Irritate them.

  • Zealot July 24, 2014

    Follow the leader, BlackBerry said to us : Thou shall say that BB is the best phones everrrrrrr! And, the competition wich is also good like Samsung and Apple are the devil, because of their HERESYYY!!

    Common seriously, seems like a CULT guys, you’re not better than the fake apple nerds..

  • rocmon January 9, 2015

    How lovely to read something encouraging for the state of the fad!

  • Anon March 2, 2015

    I agree BB is undervalued company and brand because they have great
    marketing point: safe, robust, professional phones. Problem is they
    spend to much time and resources on marginal things like design of
    keyboard and to little on commercial pit points like quality camera and
    Whose idea was to market them self as: BB android app-s now
    work with us to. Where is their product positioning goals? If their
    marketing department sees brand lower than the cheapest commercial
    software out there, therefore it is job of CEO to relieve them of that
    burden or he can join them anytime soon.

    Step to cooperation with Samsung might be right direction here, as Samsung have resources and
    know how in commercial market. Perhaps we’ll see BB restructuring into
    mobile security firm one way or another.

  • chyna March 23, 2015

    the makers of iphones know what they doing even when u buy the phone u still paying money sucking vamps. you want a song u have to buy it thru itunes ughhh

  • business owner November 23, 2015

    I really don’t like the idea of being the old fart using a flip phone. However, I would like to have my phone that had a keyboard I controlled, email and calendar that worked well, voice that worked well, a properly functioning navigation app, a battery that lasted two days(so if I forgot to charge it overnight it still worked and it worked on a dead battery if I just plugged it in) and was rugged(I dropped my phone going 20mph on my bicycle and it fell apart into 3 pieces, battery, case and case cover and reassembled it and it turned right on. It had no protective cover and never had the glass broken….. and it was the touch screen variety – just wished the touch screen part was a bit larger for my 50 year old eyes). Maybe I can carry a tablet and put my small caliber backup in my boot.


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