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VIDEO: Aphria Inc. (TSE:APH) Leamington Cannabis Grow Operations

Transcript: James West: I’m James West. Welcome to another edition of the Midas Letter’s Cannabis Video Series. Today, we travel to Leamington, Ontario: home of licensed producer Aphria Inc. (TSE:APH), one of the few 100 percent greenhouse growers in the public markets. Vic Neufeld:   If you understand Mother Nature, and what really does a plant need, it’s a very tailored process. It’s way ahead of our competition. A good crop is two things: are you maximizing yield per plant […]

Dow 22,000: The Delusion Continues

With self-congratulatory accolades flowing effusively from within America starting at the top with Donald Trump, it behooves the objective market participant to recall the reasons that have caused the Dow’s meteroic rise to 22,000 points since the financial crisis broke in the first place. Talking heads ala Bloomberg and CNBC point to earnings and the incredible growth in market cap of companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, but without recognizing that the financial performance has been purchased with a debt […]

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