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Beam Me Up, Scotty! After Priceline, William Shatner Joins LottoGopher

by James West

If you missed William Shatner’s latest role as pitchman for Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) during its run-up to US$2,000 a share, you might be in luck. He’s about to start boosting LottoGopher (OTCQB:LTTGF)(CSE:LOTO)(FRA:2LG) as official spokesperson for the company. (See video below)

Time.com reports “The Priceline Group, owner of the online travel site that became famous in the late 1990s for using William Shatner as its pitchman and allowing customers to ‘name their own price,’ looks like it’s about to boldly go where no tech stock has gone before: over $2,000 a share.”

Not that Priceline’s valuation is a result of William Shatner’s touting of the company necessarily. But there’s no arguing with the fact that Shatner – famously James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise during its 3-year run – is probably one of television’s most influential stars to join the ranks of Hollywood product endorsers.

Shatner served as Priceline’s “Negotiator” for 14 years before the company pivoted toward a new strategy in 2012, but brought him back in 2014 for a Canadian campaign. (Shatner is a Canadian, and Star Trek actually debuted on Canada’s CTV network in 1966.)

“Some people plan at great length, they have advisers,” Shatner told the Globe and Mail about his thought process in choosing from the myriad spokesperson roles he’s presented with. “It’s by intuition, for me,” he said.


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