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Novo Resources Corp President Quinton Hennigh on Witwatersrand 2.0

  Novo Resources Corp (CVE:NVO)(OTCMKTS:NSRPF)(FRA:1NO), a featured Midas Letter pick from 2011, has been a long time coming, but Chairman and President Dr. Quinton  reminds subscribers that this extraordinary Witwatersrand look-alike is the result of the theory that first attracted Dr. Hennigh to the project in the first place. He explains the remarkable relationship between the precipitation of gold due to the advent of an oxygenated atmosphere during the earliest geological history of our planet. Transcript:  James West:   Quinton, thanks for joining […]

Cronos Group CEO Mike Gorenstein on Growing Cannabis in Israel and their $40 Million Debt Deal

  Cronos Group Inc. (CVE:MJN) (OTCMKTS:PRMCF) (FRA:7CI) is an ACMPR company that grows their cannabis in Israel and distributed to the Canadian and international market. CEO Mike Gorenstein talks about their $40 million debt deal acquired in August and selling in the medical industry.   TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Hey Mike, welcome back to the show. Mike Gorenstein:     Thanks. Glad to be back. James West:     Mike, I want to focus today on the unconventional things that Cronos Group is doing as […]

InMed President and CEO Eric Adams on the Future of Treating Disease with Cannabinoids

  InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNSX:IN) (OTCMKTS:IMLFF) (FRA:MWG2) performs research on extracted and purified cannabinoids to treat severe disease. President and CEO Eric Adams talks to James about the Canadian cannabinoid market, patenting, and their research on oils to treat a rare skin disorder often first seen on children.   TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Eric, thanks for joining me today. Eric Adams:     Thanks for having me. James West:     Eric, why don’t you give me an overview: what is it that InMed does? […]

Kahner Global Founder Noa Kahner on Attending their High Net Worth Investment Cannabis Conferences

  Kahner Global organizes ultra high-net-worth, private investment conferences in the cannabis industry around North America. Founder and Principal Noa Kahner gives James a rundown on the investors vetting process and what to expect at events.   TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Noa, thanks for joining us today. Noa Kahner:     Of course. Thanks for having me. James West:     Noa, you’re the CEO of Kahner Global and you are arranging for some high-net-worth, private investment summits in the cannabis sector. Can you give […]

Hydropothecary CEO Sebastien St. Louis on Competing with the Marijuana Black Market and Adapting to the LCBO-Style Model

  The Hydropothecary Corporation (CVE:THCX) (OTCMKTS:HYYDF) (FRA:74H) is a cannabis distribution company currently focused on medical patients. CEO Sebastien St. Louis talks to James about expanding to the Canadian recreational market once marijuana has been legalized in 2018.   TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Sebastien, thank you for joining us once again. Sebastien St. Louis:     Thank you for having me. James West:     Sebastien, you guys have been putting out a lot of news lately, which indicates that Hydropothecary is making great strides […]

Teranga Gold President and CEO Richard Young on Mining in Senegal and Expanding Production in West Africa

Teranga Gold Corporation (TSE:TGZ) (OTCMKTS:TGCDF) (FRA:0TGA) currently averages gold production of 200,000 ounces at the Sabodola mine in Senegal. President and CEO Richard Young talks about the new Banfora mine (expected to be ready by 2019) in Burkina Faso, which the company predicts will bring production to a total of 500,000 ounces a year.   TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Richard, thank you for joining us today. Richard Young:     James, it’s a pleasure to be here. James West:     Richard, let’s start with […]

PODCAST: NextBlock Global CEO Alex Tapscott on BitCoin, BlockChain, and Digital Assets

Alex Tapscott is the author, along with his father Don Tapscott, of “Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World“. He is also the founder of a $20 million investment organization called NextBlock Global, which seeks to invest in the rapidly emerging digital assets economy. He joins us today one year after our initial interview with him to shed light on how the cryptocurreny market has grown from US$8 billion a year ago to […]

Wealth Minerals President Tim McCutcheon: Is a Takeover in the Wind?

Wealth Minerals Ltd. (CVE:WML)(OTCMKTS:WMLLF) controls ~15 different salars in Chile. But more importantly, they are holders of a 46,000 hectare section of the Atacama Salar, from which one third of the world’s lithium is produced by Albemarle Corporation (NYSE:ALB) and Sociedad Qimica y Minera, better known as SQM (NYSE:SQM). Together, these two companies represent US$29 billion in market cap, and are the two biggest producers of lithium in the world. That, in my view, makes Wealth Minerals a primary target […]

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