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VIDEO: WeedMD CEO Bruce Dawson-Scully on Opening a New Facility

WeedMD (TSXV:WMD) (OTCMKTS:WDDMF) (FRA:4WE) is a licensed producer of medical cannabis focused on the medical market. CEO Bruce Dawson-Scully talks about their new production facility in Strathroy, Ontario, as well as tackling the opiod crisis and enhancing the life of seniors with cannabis. TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Bruce, thanks for joining me today. Bruce Dawson:     Thanks for having me on the show, James. James West:     Bruce, WeedMD recently announced the completion of a $15 million bought deal private placement that contemplates […]

VIDEO: Nest Wealth CEO Randy Cass on Robo-Advisors and Wealth Management

Nest Wealth is a robo-advisor that offers wealth management and creates a low-cost, customized global portfolio for clients. CEO Randy Cass joins the Midas Letter to talk about the technology and how to invest properly. TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Thanks for joining me today. Randy Cass:     It’s my pleasure to be here. James West:     So Randy, NestWealth is a robo advisor. What is it that a robo advisor actually does? Randy Cass:     It’s a great question, because the term robo advisor […]

VIDEO: BlockSpace Labs CEO Mukhtar Mussabetov on ICOs and Blockchain Technology

BlockSpace Labs Inc. is a co-founder of three blockchain startups worldwide. CEO Mukhtar Mussabetov walks us through the company’s focus on ICOs, its recent projects, and how Canadian investors can get involved. TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Mukhtar, thank you for joining us today. Mukhtar Mussabetov:     Thank you for having me. James West:     Mukhtar, tell me about BlockSpace Labs: what does it do? Mukhtar Mussabetov:     BlockSpace Labs is the cofounder of three Blockchain start-ups in different parts of the world, and while […]

VIDEO: Impression Ventures CEO Christian Lassonde on Fin-Tech and Disruptive Technologies in the Space.

Impression Ventures CEO Christian Lassonde discusses some of the innovation in fin-tech specifically in the insurance industry.  He also shares his thoughts on blockchains and how it does not go hand-in-hand with fin-tech.  Impression Ventures is a privately held company in Toronto.   TRANSCRIPT: James West:    Christian, thanks for joining me today. Christian Lassonde:  It’s a pleasure. James West:    Tell me about your company: what is it, and what does it do? Christian Lassonde:  So I run, with my partner […]

VIDEO: CannaRoyalty CEO Marc Lustig on Large Investments in the Cannabis Sector

CannaRoyalty Corp. (CNSX:CRZ) (OTCMKTS:CNNRF) (FRA:CY4) CEO Marc Lustig joins us again to talk about Constellation Brands’ recent purchase of 9.9 percent of Canopy Growth for CAD$245 million, and what that means for the cannabis industry. TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Marc, thanks for joining us today. Marc Lustig:     Thanks for having me, James. James West:     Marc, I’d like to hear your opinion of how the Constellation Brands’ purchase of 10 percent of Canopy Growth for $240 million – what is that going to do […]

VIDEO: Decentral CEO Anthony Di Iorio on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Decentral is an innovation hub for fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies. They launched Canada’s first two-way Bitcoin ATM and a multi-platform — or wallet — called Jaxx.io that allows customers to move digital assets. CEO Anthony Di Iorio talks about the company’s technologies and the future of online currency. TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Anthony, thanks for joining us today. Anthony Di Iorio:     Glad to be here. James West:     Let’s start with an overview: what does Decentral do? Anthony Di Iorio:     […]

Copper Price Trending Higher: This $4.5 Million Company has 2 Billion Pounds

Crown Mining Corp (CVE:CWM) is a Canadian junior public company with 2 billion pounds of copper in the ground and a CA$4.5 million market cap. I started buying stock in the company last week because there is lots of evidence pointing to a much higher copper price, and potentially, a lift in the valuations of all things copper. Crown’s California copper play is one of the 10 largest undeveloped copper projects in the world, and compared to the others, is […]

VIDEO: Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton on Selling 10 Per Cent of the Company to Constellation Brands

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSE:WEED) (OTCMKTS:TWMJF) (FRA:11L1) is one of the largest cannabis companies globally. Constellation Brands, which owns Corona beer, recently acquired 9.9% of the company in stock, valued at CAD$245 million. CEO Bruce Linton talks to James about how they landed the deal and why it puts them ahead of everyone else. TRANSCRIPT: James West:     Bruce, welcome back. Thanks for joining us again. Bruce Linton:     Not so long since I was here. James West:     Not so long at all. […]

VIDEO: Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. CEO John Fowler on New Revenue and their Wholesale Strategy

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc (CVE:FIRE) CEO John Fowler discusses their deals that lead to revenue including deals with Aurora Cannabis and Emerald Health Therapeutics.  Supreme believes the wholesale model is one of the best retail strategies that lead to success. TRANSCRIPT: James West:    Hey John, welcome back. John Fowler:   Thanks for having me, James. Always a pleasure to be here. James West:    John, let’s start with the update: what’s new at Supreme? John Fowler:   So our biggest announcement over the last few […]

VIDEO: Aurora Cannabis CEO Terry Booth on the Rapid Growth and Expansion of the Company

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSE:ACB) (OTCMKTS:ACBFF) (FRA:21P) is one of the larger licensed producers of marijuana in Canada.  CEO Terry Booth talks about his company’s rapid expansion and their strategy moving forward.  TRANSCRIPT:   James West:    Terry, thanks for joining me again. Terry Booth:   Thanks for having me, James. James West:    Terry, why don’t we start with an overview: what’s new at Aurora Sky? Terry Booth:   It’s a fast-moving, fast-paced company. We’re up to 300 employees now. James West:    Wow. Terry Booth:   […]

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