Midas Letter is the journal of “best-in-class” companies in all sectors. Publisher James West is a recognized authority on investing in the emerging company segment having been a regularly featured guest on Business News Network, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and most recently as as investment columnist in the Financial Post.
I’m not telling subscribers what to invest in. I’m  telling you what I’m investing in, why I’m investing and how I arrive at this determination.” – James West, Midas Letter Publisher


James West, Editor and Publisher


I employ a Capital Efficiency Model that dictates money should never be exposed for longer than is absolutely necessary to the possibility of being lost. Thus, I routinely sell half my position when a stock doubles from my entry price, and I sell stocks that lose 20%, unless there are extenuating circumstances. I typically deploy capital only when a market has a uniform trend in place to the upside (for my specific sectors), and avoid markets altogether when they turn bearish, or become directionless.

Since I dwell exclusively in this high-risk, high reward environment, I seek to time entry and exit in 12 – 18 month increments. In the right market environment, I can routinely achieve 100 per cent lifts on my investments, and quite often these become over 1,000 per cent.

Subscribers are cautioned that the opportunities I participate in are risky, and you could at any time lose all of your investment. I am not accredited in any way to offer investment advice, and this site is offered as a source of ideas and insight for my own particular investment style.

Doug Hadfield, Contributing Author


A Jack of all trades by nature, Doug has dipped his pen into almost every ink pot and the result is more than just messy hands. He’s a people pleaser and a go-getter, which (we hope) will keep you coming back for more. Clients say they love his attention to detail and unrelenting work ethic. Doug is also one of our video producers, and makes GREAT corporate videos.

Daniel Macauly, Contributing Author


Daniel is a graduate of creative writing and covers TSX and TSX Venture markets. He is a graduate of Concordia University in Creative Writing and also from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He also attended university of Kings College where he studied Early Modern and Philosophy.

Adrian Pocobelli, Contributing Author and Resident Artist


Adrian is our European correspondent residing in Berlin, Germany where he covers developments in the Euro and reports on the Brexit isse.

Midas Letter is provided as a source of information only, and is in no way to be construed as investment advice. James West, the author and publisher of the Midas Letter, is not authorized to provide investor advice, and provides this information only to readers who are interested in knowing what he is investing in and how he reaches such decisions.

Investing in emerging public companies involves a high degree of risk and investors in such companies could lose all their money. Always consult a duly accredited investment professional in your jurisdiction prior to making any investment decision.

Midas Letter occasionally accepts fees for advertising and sponsorship from public companies featured on this site. James West and/or Midas Letter may also receive compensation from companies affiliated with companies featured on this site. James West and/or Midas Letter also invests in companies on this site and so readers should view all information on this site as biased.

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