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MidasLetter RAW: Episode 001: Ed Milewski on Golden Ridge Resources

James West

James West and Ed Milewski try out a new format that has them going off in all directions and discussing some aspects of Golden Ridge Resources and one of its principle organizers, Mike Blady.

Organigram CEO Greg Engel on Growing Cannabis in New Brunswick

James West

Organigram Holdings Inc (CVE:OGI)(OTCMKTS:OGRMF) CEO Greg Engel joins James for an update on the buildout of the company’s next phase of growing capacity, and emphasizes their preparation for Canada’s legal recreational marijuana market, slated to go live on July 1st 2018. Transcript: James West:    Greg, thanks for joining me today. Greg Engel:    Thanks for having me today. James West:    Greg, why don’t you give us an update on what’s going on with Organigram these days? Greg Engel:    Yeah. So we’re […]

CannaRoyalty Corp CEO Marc Lustig on the Cannabis Royalty Model

James West

CannRoyalty Corp (CNSX:CRZ) (OTCMKTS:CNNRF) (FRA:CY4) CEO Marc Lustig joins us to shed light on the factors weighing on the Cannabis sector in Canada, and tells us why his royalty model will ultimately deliver value to investors.

MedReleaf Corp CEO Neil Closner on Growing “The Best” Marijuana in Canada

James West

The value proposition is that we happen to be a producer of the highest quality cannabis, we believe, in Canada. When I say ‘we believe’ that’s validated by the fact that patients, by and large, are purchasing products from us that are at a higher price than the average market price, which seems to be a validation point on the quality of our products.

New Cannabis Ventures and 420Investor CFA Alan Brochstein on MedReleaf, Canopy Growth, Cannabis Wheaton

James West

I have over 600 subscribers paying me for this information, so I want to be careful about that as well. In Canada, I don’t want to say it’s necessarily my favourite stock at the moment, but I know people care about Canopy Growth, and this is a company I’ve followed for a while; I just toured their factory again. And I don’t always like their stock. They are a client of ours. But that’s one that I think has really pulled back a lot, and people don’t seem to be appreciating a lot of the positives there. I think it’s been kind of a storm in general for Canopy Growth of late.

Invictus MD Strategies Chairman Dan Kriznic Podcast Interview

James West

Invictus MD Strategies Corp (CVE:IMH)(OTCMKTS:IVITF)(FRA:8IS1) Executive Chairman Dan Kriznic sat down recently and laid out the company’s goal of becoming one of the top licensed ACMPR cannabis producers in Canada. James West:    Dan, thanks for joining me today. Dan Kriznic:   Thanks for having me. James West:    Dan, why don’t we start with an overview: what’s the value proposition for investors in Invictus MD Strategies Corp? Dan Kriznic:   Yes. At this point, our main goal is to be one of the […]

Cannabis Wheaton CEO Chuck Rifici Discusses Marijuana Streaming

James West

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp (CVE:CBW) (OTCMKTS:KWFLF) (FRA:3KF) CEO Chuck Rifici, who has a co-founder of Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED)’s Tweed Marijuana – the first and largest ACMPR-licensed grower in Canada to become publicly traded – knows a thing or two about cannabis economics. He joins us to explain the business model of his most recent venture. James West:    Chuck, thanks for joining us today! Chuck Rifici:  A pleasure to be here, James. James West:    Chuck, give us the overview – […]

Province Brands CEO Dooma Wendschuh and the Cannabis “Alcohol Killer”

James West

Province Brands is the brainchild of former Assasin’s Creed developer Dooma Wendschuh. These are a range of alcohol-free, cannabinoid-charged adult beverages that can be consumed instead of alcholic beverages but without the detrimental side effects of alcohol. And better still, the “dose curve” of these novel creations will emulate that of alcohol, meaning consumers won’t need an hour for the effect to come on, and 4-6 hours for the effects to wear off. The company is in the process of […]

PODCAST: Myomo Inc. CEO Paul Gudonis on becoming the First Reg A+ IPO to list on NYSE MKT

James West

Myomo Inc is a medical robotics company based in Cambridge, MT is a developer of next-generation orthotics that include “powered braces” that support impaired hands and arms. The company has raised over US$20 million via Regulation A+, which, for those who don’t know, enables companies like Myomo to raise millions of dollars from individual investors without giving away the company to an investment bank. They will become the first company to list on the NYSE MKT via IPO using Regulation […]

PODCAST: MGX Minerals Chairman Marc Bruner is Excited about the Paradox Basin

James West

Sponsored Content MGX Minerals (CNSX:XMG) (OTCMKTS:MGXMF) (FRA:1MG) Chairman Marc Bruner, a third generation oil and gas executive who was Chairman and CEO of Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. and served as Ultra Petroleum’s founding Chairman where he was involved in developing the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming, is excited about the Paradox Basin. He joins James to discuss the region’s potential as a producer of lithium and oil and gas. Transcript: James West:    Marc, welcome back to the show. Marc Bruner:   Thanks, […]

Voltaic Minerals Corp CEO Darryl Jones on Lithium from Clastics in the Paradox Basin

James West

Voltaic Minerals Corp (CVE:VLT) (OTCMKTS:VTCFF) (FRA:2P61) CEO Darryl Jones joins us for a discussion on his company’s proposed extraction of lithium from deep clastic formations in the Paradox Basin in Utah. Transcript: James West:    Darryl, thanks for joining us today. Darryl Jones:  Appreciate it. Thanks very much for having me, James. James West:    Darryl, let’s start with an overview: what’s the value proposition for investors in Voltaic? Darryl Jones:  James, we’ve been working on a project in the historic Paradox Basin […]

Xebec CEO Kurt Sorschak on Competing with Schlumberger, Honeywell

James West

Xebec Adsorption Inc (CVE:XBC) )(OTCMKTS:XEBEF) (FRA:XB6) CEO Kurt Sorschak explains how his recent multi-million dollar orders and renewed vitality in the oil and gas space is allowing him to compete with Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB) and Honeywell International Inc (NYSE:HON). Transcript: James West:    Kurt, thanks for joining us today. Kurt Sorschak: You’re welcome, Jim. James West:    Kurt, let’s start with an overview of what is the value proposition for investors in Xebec? Kurt Sorschak: Well, at this point, Xebec, as you […]

PODCAST: Drone Delivery Canada CEO Tony Di Benedetto on Shooting Down Drones

James West

Drone Delivery Canada Corp (CNSX:FLT)(OTCMKTS:ASCRF)(FRA:ABB) CEO Tony Di Benedetto says people shooting down drones is the least of his concerns in this interview, and highlights the company’s path to profitability through deals with Staples, Napa Auto Parts, and various First Nations groups. Transcript: James West:    Tony, thanks for joining us today. Tony Di Benedetto:   Thank you for having me, James. James West:    Tony, it’s been about a year since we’ve had you on the show. Why don’t you give us […]

PODCAST: The Hydropothecary CEO Sebastien St. Louis on becoming Canada’s latest ACMPR Cannabis grower

James West

Hydropothecary Corp (CVE:THCX) CEO Sebastien St. Louis joins us to discuss Canada’s newest addition to the publicly traded roster of ACMPR medical cannabis growers, and why his company’s approach to growing the best quality product will appeal to the Canadian medical marijuana audience. Transcript: James West:    Sebastien, thanks for joining us today. Sebastien St-Louis:  thanks for having me, Jim. James West:    Sebastien, let’s start with an overview. What’s the value proposition for investors in Hydropothecary? Sebastien St-Louis:  Hydropothecary is the […]

University of Texas Technology Commercialization Director Les Nichols: Solid State Battery won’t necessarily replace lithium-ion

James West

Certainly lithium has been used because of this outstanding properties for ion transfer. Now, we are running tests with our new material that replaces lithium with sodium, and sodium is certainly much more readily available, being as how there’s so much in the oceans. So it’s easily, readily available, inexpensive, and some of the testing we’ve done so far shows very good results using the sodium as the ion transferor.

ICC International Cannabis Corp (CVE:ICC) CEO Guillermo Delmonte on Cannabis exports from Uruguay

James West

ICC International Cannabis Corp (CVE:ICE) CEO Guillermo Delmonte joins us from Uruguay and talks about his company’s outdoor marijuana growing operations, their lack of pesticide use, exporting to Canada, and the advent of recreational legalization there that is still pending. Transcript: James West:    Guillermo, thanks for joining us today. Guillermo Delmonte:  Thank you, James. James West:    Guillermo, since we chatted last, you guys have made a bit of progress with International Cannabis Corp. You’ve made some deals with some Canadian […]

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