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PODCAST: The Hydropothecary CEO Sebastien St. Louis on becoming Canada’s latest ACMPR Cannabis grower

Hydropothecary Corp (CVE:THCX) CEO Sebastien St. Louis joins us to discuss Canada’s newest addition to the publicly traded roster of ACMPR medical cannabis growers, and why his company’s approach to growing the best quality product will appeal to the Canadian medical marijuana audience. Transcript: James West:    Sebastien, thanks for joining us today. Sebastien St-Louis:  thanks for having me, Jim. James West:    Sebastien, let’s start with an overview. What’s the value proposition for investors in Hydropothecary? Sebastien St-Louis:  Hydropothecary is the […]

University of Texas Technology Commercialization Director Les Nichols: Solid State Battery won’t necessarily replace lithium-ion

Certainly lithium has been used because of this outstanding properties for ion transfer. Now, we are running tests with our new material that replaces lithium with sodium, and sodium is certainly much more readily available, being as how there’s so much in the oceans. So it’s easily, readily available, inexpensive, and some of the testing we’ve done so far shows very good results using the sodium as the ion transferor.

ICC International Cannabis Corp (CVE:ICC) CEO Guillermo Delmonte on Cannabis exports from Uruguay

ICC International Cannabis Corp (CVE:ICE) CEO Guillermo Delmonte joins us from Uruguay and talks about his company’s outdoor marijuana growing operations, their lack of pesticide use, exporting to Canada, and the advent of recreational legalization there that is still pending. Transcript: James West:    Guillermo, thanks for joining us today. Guillermo Delmonte:  Thank you, James. James West:    Guillermo, since we chatted last, you guys have made a bit of progress with International Cannabis Corp. You’ve made some deals with some Canadian […]

Canopy Growth Corp CEO Bruce Linton talks pesticides, recreational legalization, and dispensaries

Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED) (OTCMKTS:TWMJF) (FRA:11L1) CEO Bruce Linton weighs in on the mainstream media’s inane fear mongering on recreational marijuana legalization in Canada, dismisses dispensary operators who have nonetheless been empowered by the discovery of pesticides in ACMPR growers’ product, and thinks “hanging is too good” for ACMPR operators who break the rules governing pesticide use. Transcript: James West:    Hey Bruce, thanks for joining us again today. Bruce Linton: No problem. James West:    Hey Bruce, one thing […]

Anandia Labs CEO Dr. Jonathan Page tests ACMPR Cannabis for pesticides

Anandia Labs CEO Dr. Jonathan Page has been testing the product of ACMPR growers for pesticides, mildews, moulds, and many other harmful elements for patients who depend on Canada’s medical marijuana regime for daily medication. He joins us to outline his process and service. Transcript: James West:    Jon, thanks for joining us today. Dr. Jonathan Page:   Thanks, James. Thanks for being here. James West:    Jon, why don’t you give us an overview: what is the business of Anandia Labs? Dr. […]

Critical Elements CEO Steffen Haber on 2019 Start of Lithium Production, Export

Critical Elements Corp (CVE:CRE) (OTCMKTS:CRECF)(FRA:F12) CEO Dr. Seffen Haber, who most recently was CEO of Rockwood Holdings when it was sold to Albemarle Corporation for ~$6 billion, is now CRE’s CEO, and his experience in developing extraction systems for lithium from hard rock spodumene has accelerated the company’s progress. Transcript: James West:    Steffen, thanks for joining me today. Steffen Haber: You’re welcome, James. James West:    Let’s start with an overview of what the business model of Critical Elements is, and […]

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. CEO Brent Zettl on the Cannabis pesticide scandal

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (TSE:CMED) (OTCMKTS:CMMDF)(FRA:0GB)  CEO Brent Zettl takes a philosophical view of the discovery of pesticide use by ACMPR growers Organigram Holdings and Mettrum. Transcript: James West:    Brett, thanks for joining us today. Brent Zettl:   My pleasure. James West:    Brett, recently we’ve seen an incidence in the media where there has been some cases of contamination from pesticides in the finished product delivered to patients. Now I happen to know that you employ a rigorous testing regime to prevent […]

Canada Zinc Metals Corp CEO Peeyush Varshney on world supply deficit in Zinc

Canada Zinc Metals Corp (CVE:CZX) (OTCMKTS:CZXMF) (FRA:M9R) CEO Peeyush Varshney talks about the company’s Akie project in British Columbia and its surprisingly robust infrastructure. Transcript: James West:    Peeyush, thanks for joining us today. Peeyush Varshney:    Thanks for having me, James. James West:    Peeyush, why don’t we start with an overview of the value proposition for investors in Canada Zinc Metals? Peeyush Varshney:    Okay, sure. So Canada Zinc Metals, we’ve got a massive land package in northeastern British Columbia. We’re a zinc-lead […]

Fortune Minerals Ltd CEO Robin Goad on Cobalt Supply for Tesla Inc, Volkswagen

Fortune Minerals Limited (TSE:FT) (OTCMKTS:FTMDF) (FRA:FMP) CEO Robin Goad says world cobalt supply is going into deficit, which puts Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), Volkswagen (AMS:VWA)  and other major electric car manufacturers in a tough spot when it comes to lithium-ion batteries. Transcript: James West:    Robin, thank you for joining us today. Robin Goad:    Thank you, James. Happy to be with you. James West:    Robin, let’s start with an overview: What is the value proposition for investors in Fortune Minerals? Robin Goad:    So Fortune Minerals […]

Lithium Americas Corp’s David Deak on Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (NYSE:SQM) JV

Lithium Americas Corp (TSE:LAC)(OTCMKTS:LACDF)(FRA:WUC) joint venture with Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (ADR) (NYSE:SQM) is the topic today with Ltihum America’s CTO and former Telsa Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) senior engineer Dr. David Deak.

Aurora Cannabis Inc CEO Terry Booth on Pesticide Debacle with ACMPR growers

Aurora Cannabis Inc.(CVE:ACB) (OTCMKTS:ACBFF)(FRA:21P) CEO Terry Booth returns to discuss the fallout from charges that Mettrum and Organigram Holdings Inc. (CVE:OGI) shipped marijuana from their facilities that was contaminated with Myclobutanil, a toxic pesticide ingredient that releases cyanide when combusted.

Aurora Cannabis CEO Terry Booth

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (CVE:ACB) CEO Terry Booth discusses the “Aurora Sky” buildout of his million-square-foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta.   Transcript: James West:    Terry, thanks for joining us today. Terry Booth:   Hey, James, thanks for having me. James West:    Terry, let’s start with an overview of where is Aurora Cannabis at in the grand scheme of things in the recreational, or sorry, the medical marijuana space? Terry Booth:   In the medical space we’ve had astounding growth. We’ve assembled an awesome […]

PODCAST: Albemarle Corporation CEO Luke Kissam on becoming the world’s lithium king

Albemarle Corporation (NYSE:ALB) CEO Luke Kissam on the future of lithium is featured in this podcast from 2016. Transcript: James West:    Luke, thanks for joining us today. Luke Kissam:   Hey, thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. James West:    Luke, Albemarle is positioning itself to be the major global provider of lithium, especially to the lithium ion battery segment. Is that accurate? Luke Kissam:   Yeah, I think that’s an accurate statement. In early 2015, we acquired Rockwood Holdings, which […]

Privateer Holdings, Tilray, Leafly.com Founder Brendan Kennedy Part 1

Brendan Kennedy is the CEO of Privateer Holdings, a US$120 million private equity fund based in Seattle, Washington, who founded and financed one of the earliest ACMPR growers on Vancouver Island, Tilray, as well as established the first major online information resource for consumers of cannabis, Leafly.com. We discuss: <ul> <li>how Brendan and his group came to be involved in marijuana industry originally;</li> <li>which companies they started initially;</li> <li>the business models of their investee companies;</li> <li>how the public can participate […]

Patriot One Technologies CEO Martin Cronin on Threat Detection and Microwave Radar

Patriot One Technologies CEO Martin Cronin joins us for a discussion on the technology behind the technology on Patriot One’s weapons detections platform. Transcript: James West:    Martin, thanks for joining us today. Martin Cronin: You’re very welcome. James West:    Martin, could you give us an overview, please, of exactly what it is that Patriot One Technologies does? Martin Cronin: Sure. Patriot One Technology is cognitive microwave radar, and this is essentially a cutting edge technology to scan a subject as […]

Canopy Growth Corp CEO Bruce Linton on Tweed’s Deal with Snoop Dog

Canopy Growth Corp (CVE:CGC) (OTCMKTS:TWMJF) returns to discuss subsidiary Tweed’s deal with rapper Snoop Dog, and discusses the potentiality for growing the marijuana business internationally as recreational marijuana becomes federally permissible in other jurisdictions. Transcript James West:    Bruce, thanks for joining us again. Bruce Linton:  Thanks, James. James West:    Bruce, why don’t you give us a snapshot on what is the deal with the deal with Snoop Dogg? Bruce Linton:  Well, for about 18, almost 24 months, we’ve been working […]