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NRG Metals Inc CEO Adrian Hobkirk on the “Paleo” Lithium Salar in Argentina

NRG Metals Inc (CVE:NGZ)(OTCMKTS:GPOFF)(FRA:OGPN) CEO Adrian Hobkirk has put together an impressive team and land package in Argentina that will explore the Carachi Pampa Lithium Project in Catamarca, Argentina. Carachi Pampa is a 29,000 hectare “paleo” solar – meaning one which is buried under overburden, and with no surface expression. Transcript: James West:    Adrian, thanks for joining us today. Adrian Hobkirk: Nice to be with you today, James. James West:    Adrian, let’s start with an overview: what is the value proposition […]

Critical Elements CEO Steffen Haber on 2019 Start of Lithium Production, Export

Critical Elements Corp (CVE:CRE) (OTCMKTS:CRECF)(FRA:F12) CEO Dr. Seffen Haber, who most recently was CEO of Rockwood Holdings when it was sold to Albemarle Corporation for ~$6 billion, is now CRE’s CEO, and his experience in developing extraction systems for lithium from hard rock spodumene has accelerated the company’s progress. Transcript: James West:    Steffen, thanks for joining me today. Steffen Haber: You’re welcome, James. James West:    Let’s start with an overview of what the business model of Critical Elements is, and […]


Fortune Minerals Ltd CEO Robin Goad on Cobalt Supply for Tesla Inc, Volkswagen

Fortune Minerals Limited (TSE:FT) (OTCMKTS:FTMDF) (FRA:FMP) CEO Robin Goad says world cobalt supply is going into deficit, which puts Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), Volkswagen (AMS:VWA)  and other major electric car manufacturers in a tough spot when it comes to lithium-ion batteries. Transcript: James West:    Robin, thank you for joining us today. Robin Goad:    Thank you, James. Happy to be with you. James West:    Robin, let’s start with an overview: What is the value proposition for investors in Fortune Minerals? Robin Goad:    So Fortune Minerals […]